My Dad….

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I know I’m not the only “girl” in the world who feels like this about her dad….


I had no idea when I pulled this photo up to scrap, where it would take me… I didn’t expect this, but I’m glad it happened.Journalling reads:
I remember as a child being very proud of my Dad, as most little girls are. From 1954
to 1992 he worked for Caroma, ending up as their Cheif Draftsman. He was involved
in lots of exciting things, including research and development, investigating new tooling
techniques and so on. However, he taught me so much more than how to draw a good
square. He taught me about myself, to always try my best, and that I could do anything
I put my mind to. And that is still my motto today. A lasting legacy indeed….

I used Ashley Olsons rather funky So Retro paper pack from SBB, fonts used were Mechanical Fun, Nora Casual, Thinking of you, Another Typewriter. Inked action from Atomic Cupcake. Created in Ps7.

I’m taking things nice and slowly at the moment, Dr’s orders I’m afraid…. but I am still here, and I’m still reading all YOUR blogs… so keep giving me lots of funny things to smile about, Ok??Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. Great layout!! Love your journaling especially!

  2. I like the Draftsman-like look of your layout … very graphic! And I’m glad you’re feeling a little better too … 🙂

  3. This layout is awesome! I think it is such a special tribute that shows your great relationship with your Dad.

    Glad you are taking it easy and I know you will be back to full on in NO time at all!! 🙂

    Sandi 🙂

  4. I hope you get better asap Cass! Take care!

  5. I’m missing something, aren’t I? Why do you have to take things easy Cass? Is everything okay?!

    Megan xx

    PS Love your layout!

  6. well i never saw this layout cassie! I love it ALOT! I hope you posted it in the galleries cause it’s just so great! Okay, well, I am just wondering why I never saw it 😉 i always worry that I’m missing some of my CT emails or something.

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