Good mail day!

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I had a good mail day today. My order arrived, once again in record time, from IdeaBooks4u. Thanks Katie!

Here’s what I got…. (in no particular order).


Better photos for your scrapbooks

What about the words


Ali Edwards designers eye for Patterned Paper.

Of course, I had to work, and then we went to town for the afternoon to run some errands, so I have only really had a good look at the first off that list, Expressions. I’m totally in love, but I knew I would be, because it is from the same authors as Designing with Photos and THAT was the book that was a total turning point for my photography. But as I get some more time to myself, I will amble my way, coffee in hand, through the rest of them.

There’s just something about a book full of unread pages and untapped inspiration. Hopefully this, and a slowing down at work, will mean that you’ll see some…. drumroll please…. LAYOUTS from me!! (wild cheering).

Ok, dessert is ready, so I’ll catch you all later!Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. You have great taste in idea books. They all seem like they would be fantastic inspiration books. Have fun and looking forward to seeing those layouts 😉

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