Design Wall Wednesday – December 2015


Welcome to a fresh instalment of Design Wall Wednesday – where I get to share my newest work in progress (WIP) and you get to vote on which version you like best!

Today’s design wall is covered in the always gorgeous Kate Spain – her Daydream line to be precise. You may remember a few months ago during my Fabric Shopping Tour of Adelaide, I finally sourced the perfect indigo background colour to use with my layer cake. After months of indecision, I had chosen a pattern, the Metro Twist, using my Quick Curve Ruler (bought through Massdrop).


Layer cakes - Cassandra Madge Metro Twist



Unfortunately a certain 1930’s farm, as well as some longarm quilting projects got in the queue first, so I have been quietly plugging away at this quilt, cutting, piecing and pressing (oh so much pressing!) until all of the blocks were finished.



Finally, all the blocks are trimmed and ready to be put together, but I am a little torn about the direction to take this quilt next. I can’t take credit for my layout idea, I first saw it on one of the Sew Kind of Wonderful designers instagram pages as an “alternative layout” for the Metro Twist. They have now published a pattern to use with the Mini Quick Curve Ruler, called the Mini Twist which has a similar type of layout.


Daydream Twist Quilt - Cassandra Madge


Here are my two choices side by side – the “new” twist on the left and the original twist on the right.


Daydream Twist Quilt - Cassandra Madge Daydream Twist Quilt - Cassandra Madge


A bit of a closer look at the “new” twist – there is definitely a Moroccan feel to this design between the colours, prints and layout.


Daydream Twist Quilt - Cassandra Madge


Here is the original twist design – which still looks fantastic with great motion and fun.


Daydream Twist Quilt - Cassandra Madge


I was lucky enough to score the last meter of my favourite design, the print on the left, as well as a couple of metres of the print on the right for the backing, so this will be a completely Daydream quilt. Fabric yardage bought from Kate of Bella’s Patchwork. Everything is ready and waiting, I just need to choose which version to make and it will be full steam ahead!


Linking up with Lee at Freshly Pieced for WIP Wednesday!



So, now it’s over to you. Help me choose a layout – do you love the “new” twist or the original? Please shout out your choice in the comments!





**Disclaimer** the Massdrop link is an affiliate link. However I have bought multiple things from them and I am certainly happy to recommend their service.

 Happy Crafting - Cassie.

14 Responses

  1. I love the new twist because there’s balance where the shapes close – there’s a visual rest. In the original twist – you wonder where the pattern is going to end.

    • Agnes, I think you’ve nailed it. I like the definite shapes instead of an infinite curve. Can’t wait to sew this one up!

  2. I love the new twist!! And I love that ‘scrumptious’layer cake 😍😍😍😍

  3. The new twist is my favourite, definitely. 🙂

  4. Jess @ Scrappy n Happy

    I love the new twist!

  5. That is looking really good! I love how the fabrics really stand out against the blue background, great choice.

    • Hi Carrie! I just love using darker backgrounds, it really adds a different vibrancy to Kate’s fabrics. Thankyou so much for your comment 🙂

  6. Susanne Jensen

    love the layuot in new twist, want to make one

    • Thanks Susanne! I’m sewing like crazy to get all my “must do’s” out the way so I can play with these amazing colours 🙂

  7. Melissa (minniecat)

    The new twist!! 🙂

    • The new twist it was! But it’s much smaller than I was hoping so I am now going to have to put borders on to make it bigger. Keep watching this space 😉

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