Problem with blogging….

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The problem with blogging is that you feel obliged to blog, even when you have nothing to say worth listening to. I’m sitting here biding my time and waiting for some auctions that I am running on ebay to end. … Continued

Lazy post today….

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Man, I am still tired after yesterday. I stayed up too late reading “The Scarlet Pimpernel” given to me by dear *K* who is a huge fan of the series. I can’t believe that I’ve never read it before, I … Continued

Busy busy busy!!

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Hello everyone, No time for a proper post today, Thursday’s is always my BIG day – I’ve still got all the floors and the bathroom to do. Here’s a recent Digital Scrapbooking layout for your amusement! The day I got … Continued

Irises are my weakness….

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So this morning it has FINALLY opened!! These yellow flowers are huge, almost twice as big as the purple ones, so I am getting a lot less per stem. A lovely pale lemon colour, with cinnamon type markings. Gorgeous. Although … Continued

Crab-apple flowers!

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I am so excited… nearly 2 years ago we planted a flowering crab-apple in the backyard, and last spring it grew and got leaves and stuff, but never flowered. We decided to just wait it out and it was worth … Continued

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