Big Kids!

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Ok, lets face it, we’re all just big kids at heart! *skip* and I took the boys to the movies after dinner this evening. A bit of a late session, but we had a free ticket to use, and it … Continued

Wednesday update…

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Well, you guessed it. I’m still sick. No better, despite the rest and vitamins. Although a bit more rest might be in order. I had a ghastly night last night, just terrible. Coughing and couldn’t breathe properly all night, and … Continued

Still Sick!!!

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I have had this stupid head cold thing for nearly a week now, and I still don’t even feel human. Hence the blogging hiatus. But I will return! I haven’t even been scrapping much, my head is too rotten. I’ve … Continued

Play FAIR!!

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“I LIKE YOUR LATEST EFFORT VERY MUCH BUT WHY DO YOU MAKE YOUR SOURCES AND TECHNIQUES AVAILABLE TO PEOPLE?” *waving* Hi dad!! Yes, my dad dropped in to say hello…. I just thought I’d dedicate a post to this, as … Continued


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Sorry for the long gap between posts, I got home on Wednesday night not feeling very well, woke up early Thursday Am with an earache and a sore throat…. will NOT bore you with gory details, but I feel TERRIBLE. … Continued

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