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So now I suppose it’s time to introduce you to my other passion – one which ties in quite nicely to digital photography! I started off as a paper scrapper July 2004, but in July 2005 made a somewhat relieved transition to digital scrapping. Now my only regret is the mountain of paper supplies that I managed to amass in 12 months, and what to do with them now!

For those NOT in the know, Scrapbooking is a phenomenon that has overwhelmed the crafting industry in the USA and now in Australia. Just have a look under scrapbooking in eBay and you’ll see what I mean – it has more items listed that almost all other crafts combined! I was introduced to scrappin’ byt *K* who had discovered it in Sydney before she moved over here. It’s a great way of expressing yourself creatively and making memories that your family will treasure yadda yadda…. Ok, it’s all about the cool paper, the fun toys and the SHOPPING! Scrapping is the only way I get to play with fingerpaint etc and still be ‘cool’!

Digital scrapping is doing all this, but in a computer program. My weapon of choice is Photoshop 7 as *skip* has it for work and it’s got all the fun stuff. It was a shaky start, learning how to use brushes, layers etc, and I’m still coming to terms with masks, but it’s lots of fun learning!

The other advantage is how FAST I am at digital scrapbooking! I can create 2 or 3 layouts in an evening when I’m on a roll…. even a good paper layout used to take me a week of sweat to make. When I think of how I used to HANDCUT individual letters for my titles….. eeek!

So, here’s a layout for you to enjoy – also with a good photo on it too!

This little fellow was visiting my garden when I went out to take photos of flowers… I got more than I bargained for ! 🙂 In digital scrapping it is only courtesy to credit the people who help you do what you do, so here’s my credit list! Papers from Jen Wilson “Layers Collection” (absolutely AWESOME love them!) digital stamp/brush from Ps7, fonts used are SF Scribbled Sans and Acoustic Light.

Thanks for stopping by today!Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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