Problem with blogging….

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The problem with blogging is that you feel obliged to blog, even when you have nothing to say worth listening to.

I’m sitting here biding my time and waiting for some auctions that I am running on ebay to end. I’m hoping to get some last minute bids as there are a lot of people watching some things, and I can’t believe that NONE of them are snipers…. I’m a sniper, so I assume everyone else is too!

Sniping an auction, (bidding high and hard and in the last 10 seconds!) is a seriously addictive hobby. And a huge adrenalin rush. The thrill of the chase, the joy of the win. The fear that your connection will fail at that crucial moment and you’ll be left sitting there reloading an empty page. Not a good thing for auction prices, but a good thing for buyers. So as a seller, I’m against sniping, but I love doing it as a buyer!

So here I am, reading through forums, other blogs, Digital and Paper scrapbooking galleries, tidying up my downloads – something that every digital scrapper has to do regularly. And obsessively hitting refresh on my eBay Selling screen….

I have a problem with obsessions. Hobbies that take over my life. just a little……..

So here’s a couple of photos for you viewing pleasure. Oldies, but goodies. I took these with my first digital camera, a Canon Ixus 400. Cute, does the job. Wouldn’t trade it.
Pre-sunset sky. Love this pattern.

The sunset itself. Awesome. I got 20 or more photos like this. The golds and the pinks just had to be seen to be believed. It was a very special day.

Have a good one folks, see you tomorrow!Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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