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Well, you guessed it. I’m still sick. No better, despite the rest and vitamins. Although a bit more rest might be in order. I had a ghastly night last night, just terrible. Coughing and couldn’t breathe properly all night, and then at 5 am we had a thunderstorm….. I was up out of bed before the echo had gone, had to get the dog inside… as a matter of fact, 6pm and she still refuses to leave the house, poor darling. So I got nice and awake and cold, started sneezing again, went back to bed. One hour later, rolled over in bed and started to scream – had completely cramped up my left calf – it looked like a golfball inside my calf it was SOOO misshapen. Poor *skip* didn’t know what had hit him – it must be a bit of a shock having someone in bed beside you leap 3 feet in the air and scream like that. And I was in too much pain to even tell him what was wrong, he started rubbing the wrong leg!! Still sore all day. So I’ve spent the whole day in bed, but couldn’t sleep. Will be getting an early night tonight though….

Ok, so meet my “fur-baby”…… Jester. She’s so cute. She’s a 5year old Keeshond, who really needs a bath, but not at the moment, ok? A brush even, hint hint *skip*…..


At the moment she seems to have taken up permanent residence under the kitchen table!!Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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