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I am a victim to the newest disease to hit the internet….

Jen Wilson Callitis…..

Caused by extreme tension over an extended period, this disease manifests itself with an inability to leave the computer and a convulsive refreshing of email screens. Coupled with a thirst for coffee to feed the nervous tension, and a massive craving for lots of dark chocolate to ease the pain of the rejection that is just around the corner!!

I would love to share my layouts with you, but I won’t… well, I can’t, one of them is removed for publication, and I’m sure you’ve seen the other two.

I know I should just let this be, but I can’t. And I’m in such a state I can’t scrap either.

So I am channeling all this nervous sitting on the computer time into something constructive!!


And my challenge to all you gals that are feeling the same way, do it also. Make someone’s day. Spread a bit of kindness. 20 comments, at least. That should be easy for most of us.

Let me know how you went with it!!

(oh, btw, it wasn’t blogger that was busted last night, it was firefox. I downloaded an updated version and I’m back in business. phew.)

Meanwhile, here’s the other old layout from Scrapbook Creations Issue 24 for my dear Dad….


Background, stripe paper, stamp mount from (Michelle Coleman, now at Scrapartist). Adorable overlay from Rhonna Farrer’s 2 peas free kit for April. Ribbon and knot from Kim Hill, Tag from (recoloured) S type key from Font used is Andrewscript.

This one also was created back in July….. Wow. I feel like I’ve come so far. But I do still love this one.

Ok, off to refresh my email some more…. *twitch* *twitch*Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. FIG

    I warned you about the blogging disease that was going around, but not to worry you will recover.

  2. MIG

    Love the picture, both in B/W & colour. Also the comments about the solemn Tyson were so-o-o- appropriate for his expression. two great blogs!!!!

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