PAPER scrapping!!

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Well, canvas and ribbon and paint and paper to be precise. However, no photo, which is the hard part.

My darling *nephew* Remy’s Mum has a cousin, who just had a baby. And she wanted a special present for her, so she asked me to make a canvas like I had made for Remy. Now Remy’s canvas was one of the last paper scrapped items I’ve made, and he’s about to turn 6 months old. Eeeek.

So I said yes.

Silly me.

However, I’m very happy with how it turned out, and even *skip* approves, so that’s pretty good.

Canvas size is 40 by 40cm square, and I’ve left a photo mat in the centre for a 5 by 7 inch Portrait style photo. I’d suggest to them b/w but it’s up to them (I’ve never met the mother in this case….)

Neway, judge for yourselves.

And this is the reason why I much prefer the computer for my scrapping…. this was this afternoon, I”ve worked on it another 6 hours since, and trust, me, the mess got worse!! 😉

Now all I have to do is get her to convince the baby’s Mum to get me in to take her portrait!! I’d much rather do that 🙂

Now I have to go clean all that UP!! LOL.

Later all!Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. ksharonk

    Wow! Great end result … but look at that mess, lol! That’s one of the reasons I went over to the ‘dark side’ … I just love the ‘tidyness’ of digital. LOVE the canvas tho, great idea, so long as someone else does all the ‘dirty’ work! 🙂

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