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This is a hard post for me to write. I’ve worked very hard to stay out of the arguments that have been going on around me. I have always felt that wading in would just add fuel to the fire, and wouldn’t help. And I’m not here to argue. I just want to state some facts.

I was told today that I would have to remove my hard-earned DT blinkies from one of the first internet scrapbooking sites that I joined. Ok, it’s their site, and their rules, but they are missing one valuable point. They have only just entered this world of digital, which I have been immersed in for 6 months now, and I’ve learnt a few facts in that time.

That it’s NOT how the digital scrapbooking world works. In digital scrapping, all of the girls know each other, and many girls who are awesome designers in their own right, end up on DT’s for other designers who sell at different stores even. It’s all a big bowl of spaghetti really, you can’t tell where you end and I begin.

Many of the digital sites are now “open” communities, because they have come to realise that being “exclusive” to only their own stuff actually drives people away. TheDigiChick is a classic example. They have an amazing store with the most fantastic designers – but you can put layouts using anyone’s stuff in their gallery, and you can flash your DT’s in your posts. It’s all taken in good fun.

Because they understand that especially in the digital world, it doesn’t matter what store you shop at. We come from all over the world, postage won’t affect us. We will buy what appeals to us, at the price that appeals to us, and telling us we can come here or not go there will have absolutely NO effect on us. If the product is ugly, or over-priced, it won’t sell, and trying to ‘PRETEND’ there is no competition or alternatives out there is just DELUSION.

And that’s how the digital world is, and I hope very fervently, that’s how it will stay. It’s a COMMUNITY, not a competition. And I think that a lot of other places and people could learn from this attitude.

Now don’t even bother flaming me, as I’m totally immune. But feel free to support me.

Thanks for your patience and attention 🙂Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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4 Responses

  1. cassi girl

    Hey anyone wants to flame you they have to take on me too!!!!

    I couldn’t have worded this better myself.
    It certainly is a sad weekend for a few of us isn’t it. If only they got it……

    Chin up Cassie you don’t deserve to be upset or angry. You would have to be one of the fairest, nicest people I have ever *met*. One day I hope to meet you in person and share a laugh or two.

    Let’s move on together hey…..onwards and upwards my Nana would say!

    Love Sandi 🙂

  2. MirandaLea

    You go girl! You hit the nail on the head. It’s like being told you can’t shop at Target while wearing clothes from Wal-Mart. Totally unfair! No one could’ve said it better.

  3. Peta

    You know you always have my support hun, you have to do what is right for you. Things change and we have to decided what those changes mean for us. IYKWIM.

  4. Lanne

    Yay for you.. I don’t get involved in the arguments either, and I dont know which store you mean but any store/gallery that limited me too greatly would lose my business and support. And if Sharon keeps on tempting me.. this is big biccies! LOL

    Cheer up… 🙂 and I am sure you have lots of support.

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