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All Mum-type stuff…

Sneaker shopping for Tyson. I don’t know WHAT he does to his shoes, but they barely last 3 or 4 months…. DONE & they are sprayed with waterproof

Empty out his drawers, sort, re-fold and get rid of what’s too small. One GARBAGE bag’s worth of clothes. Mental note, stop feeding him 3 times a day :p

As a result of above, go shopping for School Tracksuit Pants for Tyson. Most of the ones he’s wearing have enormous holes where the knees are supposed to be. See also 1 above

Label said pants, and a vest of Sammy’s that’s been sitting here for a few weeks DONE

Wash all the clothes that I found stuffed into Tyson’s drawers, inside out AND dirty. DONE. Nearly dry ready for me to fold and him to put away 😉

Vacuum his floor thoroughly including the skirtings and under the bed DONE

Dinner tonight, my Dad’s secret Corned Beef recipe. This keeps the WHOLE family happy! 🙂

Oh, and a layout…. whilst the washing was on 😉


Papers and elements from Jen Wilson’s Boy oh Boy kit. Shmootzy frame from ScrapArtist. Jan Crowley (TDC) Chipboard Alpha. Fonts used were TopSecret and Vaguely Repulsive.

This layout totally rocks da’ house, and I have NO idea how I put it together so fast. One minute I didn’t know what I was doing, then suddenly it was finished. I also tried a new effect on the photo, duplicating the colour saturation of Velvia film with an action I downloaded… it made a real difference to this picture. Love it!

Also on the to do list this evening will be going through some photos with *skip* and preparing an order for printing. Always a nice job!

And I might even sneak in another layout while I’m at it.

Meanwhile, here’s a little job for you all – run off to Modscraps and spend up at Ash’s sale… she’s having a moving sale, 65% off, so go GRAB SOME COOL stuff!!Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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4 Responses

  1. Ashley

    awesome layout cass! I totally love it 🙂
    Good for you getting so much done today! I’m proud of you!

  2. Peta

    Ohh love it Cassie and thanks for the heads up on the sale… hehe 🙂 off to check that out!!

    PS. {{HUG}}

  3. ksharonk

    Had to laugh at your comments about the boy … they sound oh so familiar! Michael can’t work out why 1. I can’t find his dirty clothes he has ‘put’ away, and 2. why I complain about all the washing and iroining I have to do for him. He always manages to find clean clothes in his cupboard, so what’s the problem, lol! You have been very busy today, and I love your layout! 🙂

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