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I had such a busy day today, but I had to post this layout that I made (with a little bit of help from Sammy!) yesterday after school. I knew I couldn’t go for a lay down as the boys were in naughty mode, so I just made the time pass by playing on the puter until straight after dinner, when I went to bed.

Ok, enough rambling… here’s the layout 🙂


This layout uses papers and elements from Faithfulness, from Ash’s Fruits of the spirit Cd… Love this kit. Very boyish. Fonts used were Tank, 2 peas busy babs, Another Typewriter, and look, I even managed to sneak my own handwriting in on there too… I wish my handwriting was more reliable, but with my weak wrist, I can’t write more than a line or two without getting sore and sloppy. Oh well.

I got another layout done tonight when I was supposed to be watching House – too many ads I’m afraid. But I’m going to sit on it overnight and post it tomorrow. I like doing that. Layouts need stewing time (in my humble opinion).

Meanwhile tomorrow is going to be ANOTHER busy day. Off to the airport to pick up Mum and Dad from their week in Tasmania. And we thought it was cold HERE! Hope they had a great time, dialysis and all… Taking the boys out of school an hour early so they can come too 🙂

And seeing how you got THIS far, why not go that little bit further and stop by Jessica’s new re-vamped shop… you never know what you’ll find to tempt you 🙂 and you can read about me and all my team-mates there too!

Catch you all tomorrow in blog-land! 🙂Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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