Strawberry JONES

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Ok. Now isn’t that the coolest name you’ve ever heard for a kit? I just love saying it. Strawberry JONES….. (caps are all mine lol). Jess, if you’re reading, how DID you come up with that? It’s so COOL!!

And this is what it looks like. Now I’m not the biggest fan of strawberry images – too many Strawberry shortcake memories of my childhood. Do you remember that doll? But I just love this kit to bits. The paper in it is so gorgeous.

You know you want it, so go HERE and buy it! and to tempt you even more, here’s my layout using it. I created this on Wednesday night, sort of watching House, sort of not.


Papers and elements by Jessica Bolton from Eclecticscraps – Strawberry Jones mini-kit, Painted Arrows and Metal Framed Alpha. Fonts used are Times new roman, snowshoe, and Jane Austen.

You have to read the journalling on this layout too – can you read it? maybe not. Here it is to make it a bit easier…

I love all these photos
that I found in my
Nanna’s album – photos
of my mother, her late
brother and sister, my
grandparents… many
people that I’d never
had the chance to meet.
Through this old album
I get a very special
insight into their
lives. The things that
were important to them,
the places they went,
the friends they had.
It reminds me of why
I scrapbook.

Meanwhile today has been kinda groovy. I have the whole day at HOME to MYSELF. I can’t go anywhere, no car. Car service today. And it’s all grey and rainy (finally) and so a friend is doing the school run for me. I’ve been scrapping and having fun all day. And doing a little shopping, but shhhh don’t tell *skip*!! Oh, and I got another happy email from Scrapbooking Memories… which was a pretty good thing too.

I really should go do some form of work, but, hey, it’s not going anywhere! Time to re-fill the coffee cup and surf some more!! 🙂 Later all!Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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4 Responses

  1. Tania

    That kit rocks and I love your layout Cass! Hope you had a good day at home, I enjoyed mine yesterday, just what I needed!

  2. Jessica B.

    Oh man! I am so jealous of your day at home, Cassie!

    Is it just an American slang word? a jones would sort of be like an addiction, and since Dawn seemed to *need* me to make the kit… LOL…

    I remember Strawberry Shortcake. I liked her then, but now…notsomuch!

  3. AmyK

    I am green with envy about your day alone to scrap. Congrats on getting another layout picked up! You rock, girl!

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