Icky Sicky!

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Ok, so Sam was home sick on Friday. Sunday night I had to call in the cavalry, Mum and Dad, to come and babysit while I worked all day. Thankfully the boss took pity on me and let me go home early. Nothing serious is wrong, just a nasty snotty cold.

This morning I woke up still feeling yuck, still with the conjunctivitis etc, so I let them stay home one more day. Which was probably a good thing as this afternoon I’ve just gotten sicker and sicker. I managed to lose my shift tomorrow, I really won’t miss the money when I feel this ill. I have even managed to give myself a temperature which is quite an achievement for me. *skip* knows I’m ill if I have a temperature.

So I’m just blogging these fantastic layouts, and then I’m making a fresh pot of tea and going to bed. Hopefully to sleep it off.

Did you SEE Ashley’s fantastic new collection? She’s debuting at TheDigiShoppe, and to celebrate has been working her b*tt off on this new collection. 5 kits uploaded, 5 still to come. And yours truly is on her ad! Yay!! How exciting. Even more exciting is that they were all “custom” kits – we picked a swatch and decided on what sort of style/elements we wanted. My collection, named Good Earth, will be up soon, so keep checking.

Go HERE to see these and drool a bit.

And here’s layout number one from the collection 🙂


Papers and elements from Prepschool Fashion. “our” word from Ashley’s Baby Girl Big Kit. I also used Pharmacy, Texas Hero, Arial and Snowshoe fonts. Created in Cs2.

Now I know I told you on the weekend about Emily’s Wish – Jessica Bolton and Carrie Stephens’ new kit. I’m finally uploading the layout I created using this awesome kit, so prepare to be inspired!


Layout created with Emily’s Wish kit collaboration between Jessica Bolton and Carrie Stephens. Fonts used are LoveMeAvenue, Book Antiqua and Pea Superamy. Distressed Action and Med Tear Action from AtomicCupcake. Created in Cs2.

Isn’t that the cutest photo of Sammy? Walking up that enormous hill all by himself? I love that shot.

I’m still overdue on some scrapping, so please be patient with me everyone. I feel so absolutely rotten right now, I couldn’t scrap an original idea if it bit me. But I will return, I promise!! 🙂

And meanwhile, I also forgot my HUGE shout-out to Sandi, whose gorgeous daughter Charli Rose decided not to make mummy wait any longer. {{hugs}} to you both!!Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. AmyK

    I’m sorry to hear you are feeling so sick! I love your layouts – especially that first one. Feel better soon!