Does anyone still blog here?

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Ok, so it’s a bit hit and miss at the moment… but I am still around. I got to play with an amazing little goodie a couple of days ago, and wanted to post the result here….


And for the record, I didn’t let him stuff all of that in his mouth – good old Sammy knows how to pose for mummy….. He actually didn’t even finish his chunk – shared it out with me and his dad.

Funk it up is progressing. I’ve been chatting back and forth with Amy and we’re hoping for a minimum top 10, hopefully top 5 finish. She seems pretty safe as her amazing layout this week is pulling in the votes, while I have yet to poll one. So I guess she’s finally going to crack my one point lead. It’s ok, we ARE joking. Sort of! Haha.

Anyway….. life is continuing along here. Sharon has got a cool kit coming out that I’ve just finished a layout for – lots of fun!

Now, for some SERIOUS eye candy! Jess has teamed up with Krista Mettler to create Bohemian Peddler. An AMAZING kit, that is so full of elements. And if you go to their blogs each day, you get bonus elements. Jess’s blog is in my sidebar ———-> and you can link to Krista’s from there! There is a coupon further down, and also a MUFFIN TIN competition. This Muffin tin idea is SO cool…. Here’s my own creation. Please be impressed by the shadowing, particularly under the butterfly… I worked hard on that!


Some of the more creative members of the Eclectic team actually put their Muffin tins into layouts, but I ran out of juice for that one. So if you create your own, you can win some wicked prizes. You have until April 6th – details on Jess’s blog!Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. Jack

    Just loved this one,- full of olde world charm, Well done Cass, – it is great – Keep it up. Looking forward to more – sorry to have been so slow to comment lately, – hope to pick up from now on.

  2. AmyK

    Your muffin tin is so fabulous, Cass! And check you out with those killer shadows! Great work. And I’m just glad to know someone out there is as competitive as I am… and glad you are my friend so we don’t have to pull each other’s hair out over this contest. hee hee. 😀

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