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Well, the 2 weeks of school holidays are over… it’s Friday night and they are back to school on Monday. Good thing too, as I have just discovered I am working 6 days straight next week… so if I owe you an email, or a layout, be patient with me 😉

I’m totally exhausted after spending all of Wednesday, into the night, repainting the boys bedrooms. Tonight we installed new blinds, so tomorrow we can put them back into their own rooms and out of the games (rumpus) room that they have been sharing all week. They are supposed to be going to sleep, only 6 feet from me right now. Anyway, enough boring stuff. Here’s something yummy to look at! 🙂


Isn’t that just so adorable! I love how this layout turned out….. 🙂

My poor honey had to work, from home, on a broken telephone/call centre network until 2.30 this morning…. so we’re getting an early night if we can 🙂

Night all!Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. Jack

    Absolutely mind blowing to see the boys so young and adorable, and how cute they are now so many years down the track. Just LUV ‘EM!!!!! MIG

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