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Well, work at home continues. Thanks everyone for your comments about my beautiful Jester-dog…. she’s doing great. Stitches come out at the end of this week and it’s healing up very nicely. Due to an extended “renovation” in our bedroom we are now in week 2 of sleeping on a mattress on the floor in the games room. I’m actually used to it, although my back isn’t coping so well. I have a week off work this week, time to catch up on some computer stuff, layouts, back-ups etc. I also need to do some house stuff. 4 HUGE boxes due to go to the op-shop which is on top of the 3 that went last Thursday. I have halved most of the junk I kept in the spare room… and it feels good at the end, but it’s really hard to actually DO. Before I was a digital scrapper, I was a paper scrapper, I also knit, sew, and in another life-time, cross-stitch. I have a huge collection of patterns, projects (mostly finished). I had a stash of stuff I was selling on ebay too. It’s half gone. It feels good not to have to worry about it anymore… not to have to spend any more energy just LOOKING at it and feeling guilty about it.

So have a couple of pretty layouts to look at, and I will update more later on 🙂


Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. KimJ

    The layouts are all gorgeous, Cassie! You’ve got such a great eye for composition and detail! Enough going on to make them flow and hold your attention, but not so much as to be “busy”. Wonderful!

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