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I’ve been missing in action for a few days because my darling husband, *skip*, decided to finish off our download quota for the month a couple of days early. I didn’t want to be shaped any more than I had to be, so I just became an internet dabbler. At least I got a couple of layouts done, even if I didn’t get to download any new toys. We’ll see how I do over the weekend, as I worked most of today and will work pretty well all of tomorrow. Sigh. But the money is good, and that’s the main thing I suppose 😉 Now of course, I have bandwidth and there are stores having great sales all over the place. I spent a total of less than $10 on Scrapping stuff last month, and that’s $10 Australian which is a lot less US. I’m trying and trying to be good, but it’s very hard lol.


Isn’t that lovely and bright! You can see why when you go visit this site…

Mt Barker weather

This is registered not too far away from us, and already we have had nearly 60mm of rain this month alone. Drought? What drought? Flooding is a genuine risk though! It’s grey and windy and wet and I just love these bright colours.

Meanwhile, Sam is no longer throwing up, but we all have a nasty cold – *skip* is actually the worst of us, he’s very husky and not sleeping, but as usual, he won’t rest or anything. Silly boy. I’m surviving on Echinacea, tissue salts and pain killers. And lots and lots of hot tea. Speaking of which, it’s time to put the kettle on. Night all! 🙂Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. KimJ

    Pretty layout! Gorgeous flowers! We’ve been having tons of rain, and lots of flooding in our area (fortunately, not in our actual neighborhood), so I can relate. We had severe drought the last two years. Just crazy.

    Hope you all feel better soon!

  2. AmyK

    I hope you and *skip* start feeling lots better soon! Your layout is fabulous – I loved seeing it in the SBG Studio Skinny! Congrats! And under $10 in a month must be some sort of record… seriously!

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