It’s not all doom and gloom….

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I really think that it’s not about the adversity, it’s about how you handle it. *skip* really seems to me to be appreciating us all more, when you consider how close he’s come to losing us. I am working on spending more quality time with the boys, and they are becoming a lot more helpful and adaptable. Good things can come out of anything really, when you put your mind to it.

So we are nearly settled into the 3rd house for this month lol…. most of the boxes are unpacked. We had to buy a bunk bed for the boys, but they are getting used to sharing a room and finding their own boundaries. I’ve nearly finished with the mammoth stints at work for a while…. just a long day on Monday and then some short shifts and time to enjoy with the boys.

But we’ve taken some time off of the boxes and everything to just enjoy life and being with each other. Everything around us is ONLY possessions…. and it really doesn’t matter. What matters are the warm bodies we live with, real people who love us and whom we love back. And we extend that to our other family, and friends who have been a tower of support over this time. I haven’t broken down on too many of them, but we’ve also had lots of physical and mental support for our challenges.

It hasn’t all been hard work though. This week alone we have managed to fit in a trip to Monarto Zoo – because they have a baby Rhino that is just just cutest thing you’ve ever seen….. We went over to a friend’s house for dinner on another night and played 500 until after midnight… and tonight we went BOWLING!! I haven’t been bowling since before I married *skip*, and we’ve NEVER been bowling as a couple at all. What a blast we had. A whole group of people we know booked out the centre and so everyone there was a friend and it was all just good clean FUN.

Not to mention that I BEAT *SKIP*. I just had to record that for posterity. We’re definitely going again though – even though my feet are killing me right now. Time for bed I think…. 🙂

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  1. Tania

    It sounds like you’ve had some wonderful family time, how wonderful is that! It always surprises me how much fun I have when I go bowling, LOL!!

  2. Jessica

    Yeah, gotta love bowling! 😀 Happy to hear y’all are having fun. Hang in there, chica!

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