Day two

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Of three days off. Today is going to be busy day though, so I thought I’d just post this and run.

I love the immediacy of digital – photography and scrapbooking. I got this photo on Sunday night, when we babysat the twins. If I had taken this photo on my film camera, it would have probably sat on the roll and not been developed for weeks. Maybe months. IF I had taken this photo at all, because I was always very careful with my film, not taking too many photos and not “wasting” any. So I probably wouldn’t have sat down on the floor, just watching the kids watching a movie, and shooting the special little moments that we take for granted sometimes.

Ok, so here’s the layout 🙂

Tyson has really come into his own with the twins lately. He always looks out for them, is very careful to keep them out of trouble and entertained and just can’t get enough of them really. It’s wonderful to see. Before the movie on Sunday, he read to Charli for nearly an hour. She LOVES books, and would get one after another for him to read to her. These are the things I would like to treasure. These are my special memories. This is why I scrapbook.Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. AmyK

    Cassie, this is such a sweet moment! I’m glad you caught it on film, er, I mean, pixels. 😉 Tyson looks like he is so happy – I just love it when older kids take care of younger. Beautiful picture and page!

  2. Carol

    This is absolutely gorgeous. Can you imagine when they are older with kids and families of their own being able to look back on such a sweet moment shared between the two of them. Now THIS is why we scrapbook, right?

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