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I sometimes look back on my blog and a) wonder why I write it, and b) wonder who on earth could be bothered to read it. It even bores me sometimes. I like having a chronological record of things, but often, all the exciting things, the things worth keeping track of, happen when I’m so busy that I just can’t keep up. I was reading someone’s post today who said they cut and pasted whole blog entries for their journalling on layouts…. well that’s not going to happen around here. All my layouts would be about how sick or how busy we are, and nothing else. Maybe, instead, I should paste into my blog the journalling from my layouts, as I seem to put whatever small amount of creativity I have into writing for a layout at the moment.

I am also lacking creative energy, or any sort of energy at the moment due to a continued problem sleeping. It’s getting quite chronic and I just don’t have the emotional energy to deal with almost anything else at the moment. However, the house is being well looked after. I’m not spending as much time on the computer, which is always a good thing. It may also have something to do with the major heat-wave we are enduring at the moment. Around 35 degrees every day, and this is supposed to be Autumn! The heat is very dry and totally enervating.

One thing I would like to blog about tonight though, is one of my regular reads. – Down to earth. She doesn’t know me, because I haven’t commented on her blog yet, but this inspirational lady is on my Blog Reader and every morning I look forward to reading about what she’s up to. And she has inspired me to make my “goop from the black lagoon” (also know as home-made environmentally friendly washing liquid). I have been having lots of fun making it and then washing everything in sight with it. So far, no complaints at all. I’ve even printed off the recipe and passed it on to a couple of people. I am looking forward to trying the stain remover version using this recipe and some ammonia next. Due to the extreme drought, I make sure that all my washing machine water run-off goes onto the lawn out the front, which is always only a teaspoon of water away from a complete disaster. Unfortunately, the landlord of this house seems to think that it’s an easy thing to keep it lush and green, and complains accordingly. Oh well, I’m doing the best I can and thankfully the Property Manager that is looking after us understands this. So in the meantime, I have to make sure that the chemicals I am pouring out onto the lawn are good for it, and not harmful. Thanks to Rhonda Jean, they are – and easy to make as well! Not that I’ll need to make any more soon, as 10 litres of goop is a LOT of goop to scoop.

Other things that Rhonda Jean writes about are gardening, home-making, cooking and preserving etc… but we’ll take some baby steps. Although I am pleased to review that I am becoming LESS of a consumer at the moment…. with the obvious benefits of not filling up this little house with more stuff!

If you read this far, then thankyou. Have a pretty layout to look at. I am missing my Rose Garden at the moment… this was one of my favourites 🙂

Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. AmyK

    Hi Cass! I still read your blog. 🙂 I have the same troubles you do – wondering why I write and who even reads my nonsense. Life is just too busy sometimes, it’s hard to keep updated! I’m glad to hear you’re doing well, and thanks for the link to the new blog to read. Love your pretty rose page!

  2. Jack

    Hi. Cassie, Yes I surely agree about the heat as does U know who,- suffering mightily. I am intrigued by your cleaning “gloop” or whatever it is. Hope U manage to get thru next week O.K. – doesn’t even look slightly bearable, does it? Could you give us a call sometime and bring us up to date on this and everything else, please. Luv to you all M & D

  3. Carol

    Well I read your blog too and love seeing your layouts. So keep them coming. Not everyone may post a comment, but you would be missed if you stopped writing.

  4. Linda

    Rhonda Jean will be happy with your comment I’m sure. I can relate to the lawn. We first rented in 2003 (first time together) and it was a drought year. They said we had to keep things up, but provided no water to do it with! We bucket watered things to keep them alive but the lawn was dust and horse poop from the previous tenants.

    We have bought another house, and I am very happy with the previous owners taste in roses, yesterday that house went off water restrictions, I couldn’t believe it. I hope you get some more soon.

  5. Linda

    Oh, maybe you could go in a blog-a-thon or some memes, there are some nice ones like Skywatch, menu plan monday, ‘fro me to you etc.

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