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We have created a wall of photos in a couple of houses that we have lived in…. Here is how I find the easiest to lay it out, for those that are visual learners.

Firstly, we arranged the frames in a way that suited us. We chose to go with a pattern of frames above and below a horizontal line. I have always struggled with a desperate love of patterns, symmetry and the like, which made this step actually the most challenging, coming up with a “random” pattern that appealed to my eyes.

Here it is on the floor of our Music Room.

Then I had to mark on the wall the line I wanted to use for our horizontal line. As you can see, I also marked the furniture layout – as we are changing the Hall Table that appears in these photos to something a bit sleeker and longer.

So that we can space them all properly, Sammy (DS2) who is 12, and I made templates of every single frame using old wrapping paper. We marked each one with the picture it represented and which was was the top. Sounds tedious, but didn’t take a lot of time at all….

After which, we used more painters tape to mount all of them on the wall, measuring to keep an even distance between them. Did I mention that I was a bit OCD?

With a bit of tweaking, we were ready to replace paper with frames! Starting with the larger ones that were to be hung, we measured and marked where the holes for the hooks should go. This is a tricky process, made easier if you are an octopus. The idea is that you hold a hook against the wire on the back, pulling it taut. Then measure from the middle of the nail/screw hole of the hook to the top of the frame. Measure the frame from side to side for the absolute middle, then transfer this marking to your template and drill away. 9 times out of 10 this works very well! At least is sure beats guesswork.

Keep marking and moving….

Action photo of DH putting holes into the walls 😉

For the lighter frames, I used the removable double sided velcro stickies. Lots of my frames are extremely light weight, and this is easier and neater for later changing around. Not to mention that they hang neater and are less tempted to slip and need constant straightening, which is a bonus in a high traffic area like a passageway.

Here is the finished product!

And in case you see anything that interests you, here is a tour of all the images and where I got them from, if available. It’s a collection that was a few years in the making, and I already have ideas for filling up some more of the spaces when I get around to buying more frames!

I did also get a lot of joy out of laying all this out… for example, the trio on the bottom right of the map of Qld, the camera, and my father all have double significance. DH, *skip* is born and bred a Qld boy. And my Dad loved Qld with a passion, loved nothing better than to be there. And he taught me the beginnings of my photography, gave me my first cameras and he had his own darkroom years before I was born. So they all mix in together on many levels.

Here are the links to a couple of my collected artworks.

Mincing Mockingbird on Etsy

VintagePaperWorks on Etsy

Owl Nebula on Society6 – worth checking out, it really is as gorgeous as it looks. Mine was a special present and I love it.

Vintage cards at Ikea – art created by Gabrielle Kai, who is a gorgeous Artist…..

So, that’s a little bit of a glimpse into our house, and what makes me happy. Show me your photo/art walls too?Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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