Simple living is one step closer….

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So, many years ago (at least 3), before my world started to go mad and never really stopped, I had a dream. I dreamt that we were living more simply. That I would have time to cook, to care for and nurture my family. That I would make a vegetable garden as well as a flower garden, and that we would even have chickens to help the circle of nature in our little “suburban farmlet”.

A few weeks ago, we set up the first of our raised garden beds. We are letting the no-dig layers mature and start the wonderful magical process of becoming soil, while we are starting the first seeds inside. Winter vegetables, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower. Some beans and snow peas. You know, all that healthy green stuff.

Here they are germinating in the sunny North facing windows….

And here are the garden beds all prepared for them on the left. The right bed is more for flowers and herbs and perennial type things.

We had an enormous round bale of pea straw delivered, as it is wonderful mulch and feeds the soil. And see where DH and DS1 are working in the back of the photo? Over the next week or so that turned into this….

Which then became this…

Which subsequently became THIS!!

We have 4 new members of the family, Light Sussex cross POL pullets. One is a couple of weeks older than the other 3 apparently, and it appears that another one might be more a true Light Sussex than a cross. They are all loving their new home, filling out and fluffing up and scratching and starting to make contented chook noises…. And starting to trust us, just a little bit…..

Ahhhh, sunflower seeds. Where would we be without you? Ruth, Naomi, Rebekah and Rahab all love you, that’s for sure. And little by little, they will come to love us as well.

So, you could say that simple living just got a whole lot closer around here! Now excuse me, it’s time to go check on my girls again 😉Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. df

    We’re still working up to chickens and I’m so pleased to see someone else who has taken the leap. Fantastic!

  2. Sharon

    Congrats on the chickens! Wendell Berry says that what people call “simple living” is really much more complex living, because we’re including all sorts of new living beings in our circle of daily life. I think your backyard now qualifies!

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