Simple day in the garden

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We started with breakfast for the chickens. Please take a moment to put the supplied peg on your nose, for I fear the smell might knock you off your feet! 1 cup of porridge oats, cooked up in the microwave. To this add 2 humungous cloves of garlic all minced up, a couple of healthy spoons of natural yoghurt, and a splash of Apple Cider Vinegar just for good measure. A liberal sprinkling of pellets and sliced Spinach to garnish, then place on the dinner table and stand back!

The funniest thing about this meal, is that for the first time ever, my chickens ate completely silently. Normally they are constantly making little chirping noises, sometimes to warn others off a choice bit, but mostly it seems to be out of contentment. However this time, it was silence….. only slurping and the attempts to wipe off their beaks on the sawdust (also hysterical to watch!)

They demolished the lot! Hope it does them well. I made up a batch of natural yoghurt today in the slow cooker to keep adding to their protein over the next week or so. They are in an awkward leggy teenage stage still, and don’t seem to be putting on enough weight to keep up with their upwards growth. I’m sure it will all even out, but I’m going to give them all the support I can in the meantime.

I am happy to report that the garlic is now shooting like crazy. Obviously got it in at the right time, as the growth is phenomenal.

Shoots like this appearing all over the 5 pots I planted.

I also cut my losses on some of the seed raising I have been doing and planted Broad Beans (12) and Snow Peas (8) into the garden bed today, as well as some Tatsoi for the chickens. The temptation to water them will have to be resisted, as the instructions in my magazine says to water (or plant into damp soil) and then NOT WATER AGAIN until the seedlings appear. In 14 days. How will I resist the nuturing temptation for so long? I guess the thought of them rotting will be a good enough deterrent, however I hope I don’t kill them as I planted all the seeds I had. Mental note to make sure I save pods for next year!

At least while I’m avoiding watering I will have some good reading material. Remember I mentioned the Warm Earth Magazine, along with their amazing Back Issues offer? Well my shipment arrived today, and it was every bit of goodness I hoped for.

So the path we are walking at the moment, trying to look after our garden, our bodies and the planet has a little bit more assistance now. Looking good!!Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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