Backyard Animal Antics!

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Sorry about the lack of post yesterday, but I wasn’t feeling that well (neck pain=headaches) and there really wasn’t anything that exciting to report.

However, there has been a great big development to report today… a day which has been focused on the health of our furry or feathered friends.

Firstly, our gorgeous Keeshond, Jester, went to the groomer today and was given a lovely shave. I know that we are heading into winter but she will be able to spend more time inside if she isn’t shedding gallons of dirt from her enormous coat. And this dog has a magnetic attraction to dirt. Here she is being site supervisor for the chicken yard.

And moving in for a better look to make sure that tools and materials were up to scratch.

Ds1 captured this beautiful candid shot of her. She is painfully camera shy, and it’s a real treat to get a photo that shows who she really is to us. A trusted faithful friend who has been with us almost as long as DS2 – she is 12 years old this month.

However, you can imagine from this how much work her coat is, and how much dirt she can carry around inside it without ever showing it. Today, after a day of being fussed over and pampered, she looks like this!

While she was gone, I took a chair into the chicken yard and focused a bit more on making friends. They are still very timid birds, however we have had them 3 weeks today, and I think that in 3 weeks birds that didn’t get a lot of socialisation have made a lot of progress…..

This of course, is Rahab, who will do just about anything for food. ESPECIALLY if it’s sunflower seeds! She was the first one to eat out of our hands, and she has now decided that it’s just easier to stand on my lap and try to eat out of the bowl. Which, of course, was part of my evil plan from the start, but don’t tell her that! We want her to think it was her own idea! She still isn’t interested in me touching her, however I’m sure that this is all part of the process. We will get there! And Rebekah, was hanging around my feet the whole time, looking extremely jealous. I can imagine that if Rahab wasn’t on my lap, she would have seriously considered it. So now I need a willing assistant to distract Rahab. Or I could just end up with one on each leg!

You can insert in here a photo of my, taken in my teen years, hand-feeding one of the local magpies (it’s buried in 1000’s of images and I don’t have the energy to go looking). He would sit on my leg and eat mince off my hand most weeks. You can also imagine (I won’t subject you to the pictures) of my mother feeding wild birds anywhere and everywhere she could on her travels. Rainbow Lorikeets, galahs, even peacocks and kookaburras! You name it, she would feed it. Sadly, in this photo I look a bit too much like my mother, but if you don’t mention it, I won’t cry and run away, ok?

Ok, so time for me to go and rather painfully prepare dinner. Neck pain can be a chronic thing…. and not a lot of fun.Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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