Surreal chicken experience

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I had to tell you about my little shopping experience today. The chickens sneeze. They are not sick, no other symptoms but sneezing. I have been including garlic in their breakfast a couple of times a week, but though maybe a soluble vitamin in their water might help. They also have been cranky with this dramatic change in the weather, with a months worth of rain in one day this week, and the resulting change in their living conditions.

So off I trot to the local fodder store. It’s a real den of a place and chock-full of sad looking animals. Some special breed chickens, but lots and lots of sad looking Isa Browns too. They also have other birds, kittens, guinea pigs, the works. So I asked if they sold soluble poultry vitamins. The guy gave me a totally blank look, and passed me up the food chain to the boss. Who was a woman even!!

So I explained what I was after, and she wanted to know why? Why on earth would I think that chickens needed vitamins. I tried explaining about the sneezing, only to be told if they have colds, they need antibiotics not vitamins. No, I never said it was a cold!! I said they are unhappy and cranky and need perking up. I was then told that obviously I don’t know anything about chickens and their behavior, because they simply don’t GET grumpy. Right. And all her sad Isa’s crammed into small cages are having the time of their lives, right? She then insisted that MY coop area was obviously too small for 4 chickens and what on earth was I feeding them if they weren’t healthy?

A list of daily food – layer pellet mash with eggshell, oats and spinach for breakfast, green weeds through the day, warm porridge with natural yoghurt for afternoon tea and grain available ALL day shut her up on that point. Her chickens wouldn’t get the half of that!!

But Again I get the…. You are reading waaaayyyy to much into it love, they are JUST chickens. They don’t feel things that we do.

Ok, so maybe I do spoil them and fuss over them a little much. But I don’t know many ppl who spend time with their chickens who don’t think they have opinions, and completely unique personalities. Our four birds couldn’t be more different to each other! They even talk to me differently.

But you can’t look at these girls and tell me that they don’t have feelings. Even IF most of those feelings ARE based around their next meal!! You know what? I just think she was Mrs Tweedy in disguise 😉



So what do you think? Are your chickens more like pets? Or do you agree with Mrs Tweedy?Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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6 Responses

  1. tinyokgarden

    Sneezing, root causes, most of the time, poor ventilation, causes an accumulation of dust and or dust mites. Excess heat will cause sneezing and cranky chickens as will over crowding. But, my best guess is it’s a dust problem with a lack of good ventilation or mold growth in the litter, of their coop/pen. You may need to change the litter in their coop or even use a different type litter in their coop. Fresh cut green grass and good quality grass or wheat straw hay are good choices.
    Good luck and Happy Gardening

    • Cassandra

      That’s a good idea, I never thought that it might be a type of allergy as they were sneezing from the day we got them! Will have to keep and eye on it, thanks 🙂

  2. Jenny

    We had chickens when I was growing up and they could definitely get grouchy. One day you go in and they are all happy and perky and so glad you brought them food. The next day they are all ticked off and peck at your feet the entire time you are in there with them.

    As for the sneezing I have no idea. We did sweep out the coop every week and give them new hay in the roosting areas. Otherwise it got pretty gross in there….. Maybe they’re allergic to something.

    • Cassandra

      I’m glad mine aren’t pecking AT me, although they can get a little rough when taking treats off my hand. Thank goodness those beaks aren’t sharp!

  3. Seasonsgirl

    Ignore that stupid woman… chickens mood change all the time we have 10 I know. We use vitamins too in extreme cold and hot weather and when they are little mixed in their water.

    • Cassandra

      Well, I know that I need a pick me up sometimes, especially when the weather goes from 30c to 12c in less than a week. You make me feel much better about it!

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