Tuesday randomness

I was so happy today that the rain stopped. Finally. Thick fog for the morning, but puffy white clouds and a drying breeze. The mud in the backyard is at the slippery, stinky stage and I’m officially over it.

This week is shaping up to be a good one. My wonderful DH cooked a stack of food on the weekend when I was struck down with a headache, so I repaid the favour tonight when I didn’t have to cook, and made the house look wonderful and tidy for when he came home. I had a sudden burst of energy, thanks I think to my acupuncture appointment yesterday, and I even cleaned the floors. The best part would be that he noticed! It feels so good looking around, that I have given myself permission to enjoy the sunshine forecast tomorrow and get some paint on my fingers.

I just bought, downloaded, and watched Julie Fei-Fan Balzer’s workshop, Collage Fast and Furious. A couple of weeks ago my patient DH had also let me buy Pages 2012 digital issue – all about creating books, journals and more Art Journalling. I’ve also dusted off my copy of Traci Bunker’s Art Journal Workshop. I’m totally inspired. Watch this space!

Meanwhile, back on the home front, last week I scored in the supermarket vegetable department. I got a bag stuffed full of the following….

Except it also included one more ear of corn which had already been fed to the chickens before I took this photo, for $2.99. Most of it went into the dog’s meal – we cook up enough food for the dog for 8 days, using barley, Roo mince and assorted vegetables and definitely garlic. We also used the mushroom on our pizza, and the onions in some italian yumminess that DH cooked up.

Which reminds me, that those 2 ears of corn are still waiting in the crisper in the fridge to be fed to the chickens. I think they have earnt it – they have covered themselves with glory in the egg department. Over the last 12 days, they have laid 28 eggs between them. We haven’t had a single day without an egg, and only the first day with only one egg. It’s been 2 or 3 every day since! I’m going to need to work on my eggy recipes, as I’m the only one that consistently eats baked custard, and honestly, not a big fried/boiled/scrambled egg eater. A fact which my family points out with glee and then asks why I wanted chickens in the first place? Because they are darn good fun!!

So I will leave you with this picture of one of my rock-star chickens – those 2 eggs aren’t hers, she laid our third for the morning about 5 minutes later.

I am enjoying instagram – if you use it, let me know who’s fun to follow because my feed is a bit boring and would love some more beautiful pictures in it!Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. df

    You must be so thrilled with the egg production; how wonderful! Are you into omelets and frittatas? I go through a lot of eggs making frittatas as it’s so easy to customize them with different flavours (I stuff kale and chard into them a lot at this time of year). My kids love an omelet with a bit of cheese, ham and chives, which is a great quick supper or breakfast (or lunch!). We also love an oat-based pancake recipe that uses four eggs, so they are protein rich and use up those eggs!

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