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Ok, so I don’t make it a secret that I am super-duper proud of my 2 boys. One is 15 now, the other is 12. Some days both of them are going on 30 or so.

Ds1, is teaching himself how to animate, to use Blender, and when he’s really bored, program in Objective C. I mean, he’s on a whole tech other level, which is AWESOME because it finally gives him something in common with his dad. All boys need that bonding time that no-one else in the family has. With these 2 it’s tech-speak, with DH and DS2 it’s sport, especially soccer. But I digress. This amazing techno ability does in some ways have it’s challenges, like when he SMS’s me from school telling me that he’s going to use my iMac on the LAN as a slave to cut his render time down. Ok, I think that’s a conversation you’d better have with your dad. But I just had to share this afternoon’s interchange, as he was coming home from school…..

Geek: SDR reports lateral damage to Wrist_Right. Cause:Collision.

Me: Do you need specialised technical assistance or is it able to system recover?

Geek: Outcome: System will recover. Recommendation = supercooled pack to ease system into recovery mode.

Me: Experience also suggests application of cable management system would assist process.

Geek: Acknowledged. System recovery at 2%. SDR also detects lateral damage to Wrist_Left. Cause: Collision.

Me: System will need to refrain from CPU loads on wrist for several cycles. Application of visual stimulus recommended to aid recovery.

Geek: Acknowledged.

So, the short translation of that would be, hey mum I hurt my wrist. Actually both my wrists. At which point I recommend as well as ice, strapping, and laying off the computer for a while. He can watch movies instead. But seriously, this kind of crazy conversation makes my day! As well as stretching my tech skills to keep in character!

So, as for the younger one, his class has been having “debates” over the last couple of weeks. Kids of similar learning abilities pitted against each other for a minimum of 1 minute, arguing for or against some pretty random questions. DS2 got one that was rather funny considering our family circumstances – “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?”. With him arguing for the Chicken. With his kind permission, I reproduce his speech below, all written by himself, including visual aids.

Did the chicken come before the egg?

Who came first? The Chicken or the egg. This is a good question and one that cannot easily be answered. I can tell you this though, I believe that the chicken definitely came first.

One reason I believe that the chicken came first is because of fertilisation. For an egg to have a baby chicken in it, a mummy hen and a daddy rooster have to come together to fertilise an egg. If the egg came first, what fertilised the egg? I don’t think it was the tooth fairy.

 Also, eggs need to be kept at an exact temperature to develop. Mummy hens don’t just put some gloves, a beanie and a scarf on the egg and forget about it until it hatches. They sit on the egg for three weeks, keeping it warm and turning it over to even out the temperature. Some people use an egg incubator, like this one (show class photo of incubator).

They put the egg in it, and it keeps the egg warm enough. Unfortunately, there were no incubators when God created everything, and even if there was, it wouldn’t actually work due to the unfortunate lack of power points and solar panels. So therefore, if the egg came first, it would have died because Bigfoot wouldn’t have sat on it, and we wouldn’t have beautiful chickens like this. (Show class photo of our chicken)

One final argument that clearly points to the chicken coming first, is the fact that chickens are like their parents. Much like you are like your Mum or Dad, the chicken and interestingly, almost all animals, are similar to their parents. The reason for that is due to our DNA, which is like a recipe which tells us what is in a cake, or as we are talking about people, and not cakes, you. (And you, and you, and you, and well, all of you). Each person’s DNA is different which makes you, YOU. So therefore, if by some miracle the tooth fairy fertilised an egg, and Bigfoot incubated it, who WOULD the first chicken be like? It’s impossible to be like someone who hasn’t actually existed.

 So in conclusion, I believe for these reasons, that the chicken had to have come before the egg and I hope that after listening to this, that you do to.

So, there you go. I’m sure that you agree with me, that those are some pretty good arguments. I crack up at the visual of bigfoot gingerly perching on a nest, trying to hatch an egg. I wish I was a cartoonist, because I think that would look pretty darn funny. Oh, and most importantly, he won the debate, 13 to 11. Attaboy!!

Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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