Adelaide Botanic Gardens adventure

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I love the Botanic Gardens in Adelaide. I have been going there since I was a little girl myself, it’s always a great way to spend a lazy spring afternoon. They have changed many things and garden areas as time has gone on, some for the better, some are worse. We hadn’t been to the gardens since about 2007 most recently, so we were overdue for a visit. DS2 and I were in the city with no particular place to be, 3 hours to kill, and a need for some sunshine. What better recipe could you find?

We saw beautiful Amazon Water Lilies, orchids, cycads, camouflage ducks, and lots of trees just starting to get dressed for summer.

As you can see by the brilliant blue sky, we certainly got our share of sunshine.

We also went and got our summer seed order from the Digger’s Club shop in the gardens, well stocked, very helpful, and much quicker than getting things posted out!

It will be worth another visit to the gardens in a few weeks, it was still a bit bare from the change in seasons. It will be glorious once spring well and truly comes in.

One of my favourite parts of the afternoon was a little photo session with my DS2, who’s been my little partner in crime for years. Almost 7 years ago to the month we were here for the day, just him and me. And we found the same spot to get some photos, just to compare. Here he is, age 5. Full of wonder at all the marvellous things to be seen.

Age 5, October 2007
See that teeny tiny little head down there at the end of the sculpture? That’s him. So little!!



Yesterday – 2012. Age 12, heading in to High School next year!


A rather awkward, slightly out of focus photo of the two of us – I had to lift him up to get us both in the shot!!
The two of us yesterday. No heavy lifting required!!

I was really impressed by the number of people we saw yesterday from the surrounding hospitals, universities etc, all out on their lunch break making the most of the sunshine and the beautiful surroundings. So, where do you go for a little escape? I know it won’t be another 5 years before I’m back there again, that’s for sure!

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