Rest and recharge… Part 2 – Dubbo

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I’m giving Dubbo it’s own special mention, as we made a “detour” between Canberra and our eventual holiday destination just to come here for 1 day. The reason for our trek? The Taronga Western Plains Zoo. Of course, after months of drought, the skies finally opened with our visit, however we still got to see a bit of Dubbo and as the zoo is a “self-drive” open range area, we could take our time in the car getting to the various exhibits and wait out any heavy showers. This is a fabulous zoo visiting system, as you don’t need to carry heavy lunches around, can rest comfortably when you want to, and definitely saves on the leg wear. Although some places still required you to park and walk around some enclosures, all the tracks were  easy. Although I can imagine some traffic jams during busy public holidays or school holidays.

Now, we love our zoos, and this one definitely lived up to expectations.

If you are going to visit, it is worth planning ahead. In good weather the facilities are amazing, with plenty of spots to stop and get out of the car, to eat, to see these incredible animals that we’re never likely to see otherwise. They even have bikes and golf carts for hire. You are welcome to bring your own bikes, your own food, and there is even a parking area for travellers who have caravans which will not make it around the zoo’s tight road circuit. They really have thought of everything!

Coming up will be stage 3 of our holiday, back past Canberra to the New South Wales coast.Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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