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I had a very exciting day out on the town last week where I got to meet some wonderful ladies for lunch, and shopping, and show and tell, and lots and lots of laughs….

The lovely Lisa had come to Adelaide for a family trip, and we organised a meet up for some Instabee members, myself, Janine and Clare.

Lunch was at the lovely Queen Street Cafe down in Croydon…. and then we moved on to the amazing Tricia’s Discount Fabrics down off South Road, where we all went a little fabric crazy. Here’s some insta-moments of our day!

French Toast

My lunch – french toast with amazing fruit and fresh cream. It was certainly drool worthy.Lisa Shopping

Aaaahhhh, fabric heaven.Group photo 1 Group photo 2 Tricia photo

The amazing Tricia, who not only graciously agreed to take a group photo for us, but even got up on the cutting counter and directed the shoot!! What service 🙂Lisa Quilt

Lisa brought her Midnight at the Oasis quilt top along to show us. Such amazing colourwork and tiny piecing. I was in awe!Ikea Selfie

As I was Lisa’s designated driver for the day, we detoured on the way home to Ikea for her very first visit. It was a pleasure to enjoy seeing it for the first time through her eyes.

My purchases

Of course, I did buy just a little bit of fabric…

We may have been a little nervous about meeting all these complete strangers, however we had a great time! What was most awesome was getting to know Lisa, who it turns out, was my twin separated at birth. Although she has a couple more kids than me, we both are mad crafters, spent years working in the photo processing industry (so we are great with colour matching and casts) and we even have the same breed of dog, and grow vegetables!! I am so excited for her next visit because she’s promised to come up for a day to play in my craft room.

It was a fabulous day!Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. gnomeangel

    How awesome! Looks like a fabulous time. Think I need to go to Adelaide just to visit fabric heaven! I love meeting people from the internet (although I kick and scream before hand through nerves and shyness). Maybe we should organise an #aussiemoderninstabee meet up in a central(ish) location! 🙂

    • Cassandra

      That’s a great idea!! I’m dying to come visit all the cool quilters over eastwards 😉 but you are welcome here anytime. I’m a fun tour guide!

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