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Are your bookshelves groaning? How many of your crafting books do you really use?

As with any hobby, there is a proliferation of quilting books available with patterns, resources and full of inspiration. Or so the authors will say. Of course we have all bought that book that seemed like we had to have it…. and then after you read it, it’s not really what you thought it was.

Of course, the best way to avoid this is to try before you buy. But that’s not always easy when these books are rarely in shops here. There is another way!!


Most of the South Australian libraries are now connect with the One Library system. This enables me to log on using my card, from the comfort of my desk, and browse hundreds of library shelves. A click of the mouse and any book I want is transferred to my local library for my reading enjoyment! Here are 2 that I have received last week, Modern Blocks from Susanne Woods and Beginner’s Guide to Free-Motion Quilting by Natalia Bonner.

Would I buy them? Probably not. The free-motion quilting guide is excellent, with lots of new patterns and ideas for me to try out. With a pile of Simply Retro quilts mounting up, I was keen for some new ideas to use as I quilt all of them. But if it’s something I would continually go back to, I’m not sure. No matter how beautiful the Modern Blocks book was to look at, with so many patterns and designs available on the internet, it really wasn’t a must-have reference that I would go back to over and over again. I was also disappointed that it several times referred to the secondary patterns created by the blocks when repeated, but didn’t include any images to show you this, and thus further entice you to make the quilt.

You really should research your local library system and see what sort of things it has to offer, as this was a new-to-me service, that I am planning on making full use of in the future. Which will mean that only the best books from now on will earn a place on my groaning bookshelves!Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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    • Cassandra

      It’s definitely worth it. The books I’m borrowing are coming from all over South Australia, from libraries I’d never get access to!

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