Candy Ripples work in progress

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Slowly but surely I have been plotting out this quilt…. The Full Moon Lagoon fabric bought back in December, many of the co-ordinating fabrics bought from Instagram de-stashes over January. A couple of hundred squares cut out, and then it sat. Waiting for time, waiting for that excruciating moment when holding a dream back became more painful than letting it go and hoping it doesn’t fall.

Last week was that time, as I chain-pieced, trimmed and pressed for days.

Then came the layout, the shuffling. The standing back and wondering if it was even possible to get the image, the drama that was in my dream out with this fabric. This ambitious project, which is 15 by 16 rows of 4 1/2 inch Half-Square Triangles.

Edited-1387 Edited-1388

It turns out, it was.

Candy Ripples was born. Dark fabric, light fabric and many inbetween. The eye moves between the widening ripples, and there is always the sweetness of the pink, the yellow and orange. A warm quilt, a dynamic quilt. This weeks job is to finalise the layout then painstakingly chain piece it together. Then breath a huge sigh!

 Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. Sharon

    These are, hands-down, my favourite sorts of quilts, HST quilts. The possibilities are endless … I love this one, Cassie! Well done!!! 🙂

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