Saturday September Stash!

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So, Saturday September Stash – try saying that six times fast….

I really have been trying to be more selective about my stashing – thinking about which fabrics I need for particular bee blocks, and not just buying all the pretties. Any quilter will understand how hard that is. Something that I have been severely lacking though is quality solids. There is very little choice locally, so I’ve been ordering online which means guessing at colour matching. After so many years editing photos, it turns out I’m a pretty good guesser.

Here is my beautiful Massdrop Joel Dewberry Birch Farm bundle – which contains both the burlap and sage colourways. I picked out these Michael Miller Cotton Couture solids to go with them…. highlighting some of the amazing tones in these prints.


I can’t wait to open these beauties up and make a quilt with them. I’m just debating whether to mix and match across the two colour-ways or to keep them separate and make 2 very different looking quilt tops.

I have also been slowly collecting the Joel Dewberry Heirloom collection. I have most of the prints in the 3 colour-ways, Sapphire, Citrine and Ruby. Not a coincidence they are my favourite gemstones too. This collection is harder to find now, but the prints and colours are never going out of style. Here is a sample with the solids that I picked out to match them.


Once again, I am torn as to whether I should keep the 3 “mini-collections” in this range separate, or mix them up into one big glorious crazy quilt. Or 3. There is a lot of fabric in this range!

Because I’m OCD and I have a terrible memory, I have started my own solids colour swatch system…. to make the other collections I have yet to match a little easier.


It doesn’t quite photograph well, but you get the idea. As to where to buy them? These came from Craft Depot, however the lovely girls at Polka Dot Tea have the same Cotton Couture at a slightly cheaper price, so when I decide to make one of the amazing “Beyond Neutrals” quilts, I will order my background solid from them.

Finally, I couldn’t resist padding my order out with some prints that are essential for my future bee blocks. Or so I claim. Plus the amazing Rasant thread which, if you haven’t tried it yet, is a must. Beautiful piecing thread, and doesn’t lint up like the Guttermann cotton does.


Not to mention that these 1000m spools cost me the princely sum of $5.95, also from Craft Depot. I bought 2 white reels for piecing, and a light blue, light grey and magenta for getting on with quilting some of my quilt tops that are patiently waiting attention.

So, I may not have had much time or energy to get into the sewing studio this week, but I’ve certainly got some fun new things to play with when I finally can squeeze a few minutes for myself!

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12 Responses

  1. Angie @

    Lovely selections. I have a bit of a soft spot for Joel Dewberry too. Thanks for the tip about Craft Depot – will have to look at their range (if I ever get some fabric spending money back!).

    • Cassandra

      I’m such a sucker for Joel. I can’t help it! Give me him, Tula Pink and Kate Spain and I think I’d be a happy quilter forever more!

    • Cassandra

      I left the ends of them loose so I can drape them over any samples I am trying to match…. It beats the challenge of colour matching over the internet!

    • Cassandra

      Thanks Sarah!! Joel just has a way with these incredible colours, making them look fabulous and not trashy. I think mixing them up seems the way to go.

  2. Kitty

    That top bundle and photo is fabulous! I love the color combo and can’t wait to see what you make out of it! As for splitting or using both colorways… tough question! I think either way you go, it will be gorgeous!

    • Cassandra

      Thankyou so much Kitty…. I just love it all. Can’t wait use it, but in the meantime I just keep pulling it out to admire it!

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