Sew together in Sharon Green

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Like all good addictions, once you make one Sew Together bag, you want to make 2 or 3 or more. You realise how handy they are, for keeping stitching, knitting, or even makeup together! You start a list of all the awesome people in your life that you want to make one for, as the perfect gift.


Sew Together Bag - Cassandra Madge


I have been planning this one for the very special Sharon from Simple Things for a long time, but things kept on getting in the way of making it. One day I realised that things were always going to be getting in the way and it was time to just DO IT.


Sew Together Bag - Cassandra Madge


I made the outer from all different scraps of green fabric, quilted onto some scraps of batting. If I was to use this process again, I wouldn’t trim it to size until after it was quilted, as there was some width lost in the process.


Sew Together Bag - Cassandra Madge


Of course, the binding had to be in green as well. Can you guess what Sharon’s favourite colour is?


Sew Together Bag - Cassandra Madge


I used this gorgeous blue and green baroque style print for the interior, paired with three vintage zips and some cute patterned zip ends to add a little bit of pop.


Sew Together Bag - Cassandra Madge


No green scrap was left behind in the making of this awesome bag.


Sew Together Bag - Cassandra Madge


I was sorry to see it go in the end, but I know that Sharon loves it and that she will find it super useful for Hexagons on the road, so it is in great hands! Now who else can I make one for?

If you have yet to make one, I posted some great hints and tips with photos HERE.


 Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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