Farmer’s Wife 1930’s First Quarter Round-up

Hasn’t the first three months of the Farmer’s Wife 1930’s Sampler Quilt along gone fast! I can’t quite believe that we are already a 1/4 of the way through this amazing trip.


FW First Quarter_Cassandra Madge


I have been patiently waiting for this break to have a chance to put all my blocks together and see how they look, and I’m so happy which where I am going so far!  I think I have got the modern spin on 30’s happening, I love the fresh colours and contrasts.


Farmer's Wife 1930s First Quarter - Cassandra Madge


I have laid out all of them together with no spacing, so obviously when I give them a sashing the look will change again. I’m not convinced on a traditional white sashing, but I’ve used so many colours in the blocks that it may be the only way to bring them all together. Can you spot the rogue block in there? One of my more tired moments and I invented a new version! Although I saw in the Farmer’s Wife facebook group that quite a few others had made the same mistake.


Farmer's Wife 1930s First Quarter - Cassandra Madge


Looking at the blocks en masse, I love the addition of grey into the palette. It is a neutral that really speaks to me, and it can tone things down without looking harsh or stark.


Farmer's Wife 1930s First Quarter - Cassandra Madge


I’m not planning on putting my blocks on point, but they do look very different from this angle!


How is your farm going? Have you had a chance to catch up and maybe think about where your blocks are going for the next three months? If have missed any, you can find all my Farmer’s Wife posts HERE.



 Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. Susan Cearley

    Cassandra I enjoyed your paper piecing tutorial #1 however where can I find the second and last tutorial?

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