Candy Ripples Quilt – almost good enough to eat!

Here is a quilt project that was long in the making, the finishing and the sharing! Candy Ripples was my own vision right from the start. It was one of my earlier quilt projects, when I was first playing with colour and value. I have previously posted about it HERE and HERE…. (wow, those links are from way back in 2014).


Candy Ripples Quilt - Cassandra Madge


Here she is quilted, bound and finished in all her technicolour glory! In case you can’t tell, the colours inspired the name as she is all those candy pinks, yellows and peachy tones that you find in musk candies from my childhood.


Candy Ripples Quilt - Cassandra Madge


The half square triangles were initially paired up randomly, light squares to dark, then the layout especially aranged to give the rippling square effect, but asymmetrically, because why not!


Candy Ripples Quilt - Cassandra Madge


The fabrics started with a base pull of Full Moon Lagoon by Mo Bedell, in the pink/purple colourway. There are all sorts of extra prints in there, some vintage Kate Spain, Architextures, Sketch, and who knows what else! All selected for their colour and the way they added to the overall effect.


Candy Ripples Quilt - Cassandra Madge


As you get closer to the quilt, the value pattern is less obvious. Some darker triangles are in the lighter rings and vice versa. I really love the uncertainty this gives the design, the way it plays with your eyes and tricks the mind. It is meant to keep your gaze moving over the quilt and looking through all the layers of value.

Only when you get up close can you see the quilting – I found the perfect digital Edge to Edge design for this quilt consisting of overlapping and concentric circles mimicking the look of rain on the surface of water. This worked for the quilt on two levels – adding to the name, ripples, but also all those circles work against the harsh straight lines of the quilt to soften it.


Candy Ripples Quilt - Cassandra Madge


The quilting was completed with a variegated pink Wonderfil thread, their Tutti 50wt 3ply cotton. The variegation adds yet another layer of interest and drama to this quilt as it blends in completely in some areas only to jump out boldly in others.

Of course, the finishing touch was binding in Tula Pink’s Eden line. The beautiful pink, orange and purple diamonds could have been made especially for this quilt.

Washed and ready for snuggling, this quilt holds such a special place in my heart. I conceived it and followed it right through. It taught me so much about quilting, colour and layers of interest, it was indeed a labour of love.



If you love this quilting pattern, I can use it for your quilt project – see my Juicy Quilting page for more information on my longarm quilting services.



 Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. Cathy ewbank

    It’s absolutely stunning Cassie xx such a cheerful quilt 🙂 Well done 🙂

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