Improv Star Quilt – 2016 Finish

I am rather excited to report that in amongst all the customer quilts that I have been working on recently, I took some time to finish off one of my own from my Finish-a-long 2016 First Quarter pile.


Scrap quilt wonky star


You may remember this wonky scrappy star from my previous posts, I was sewing it up last year in Scrap Quilt Therapy, July 2015. In fact it was this quilt that inspired the idea which became my recent maiden quilt publication, the Improv Medallion from Make Modern Issue 10.


Improv star quilt - Cassandra Madge


Here is the finished quilt! I used a baptist fan digital pantograph to give texture and movement to the quilt which is predominantly pieced from straight lines and sharp angles. There are multiple shades of both the dark and the light grey fabric in there which also add another layer of interest to the background.


Improv star quilt - Cassandra Madge


In keeping with the “scrap” theme of using everything up, I used a couple of leftover pieces of backing sewn together and also scrounged through all the different pieces of leftover binding strips to make the binding, so I really feel like this quilt has a bit of everything I’ve sewn so far in it!


Improv star quilt - Cassandra Madge


Admittedly this is after a wash, but I do love the texture that this pantograph gives. Although you have to line it up very precisely, the design stitches out very quickly.


Improv star quilt - Cassandra Madge


This angle probably shows the thread colour up best. I was experimenting with a new thread and I was really interested to see how it would look if I made the quilting lines obvious. I achieved this by using a slightly off-white thread, which gave me exactly that look on all the solid background areas, but is suitably subtle and disguised across the pieced sections. Sometimes when you are choosing a thread colour it truly is about the “lesser” of the two evils. I knew if I chose a dark grey to tone with the background, it would be very apparent over the scrappy sections, which I really didn’t feel needed to be any busier. So my design choice was based around what would blend best into all those rainbow colours, with less regard for the background. Mission accomplished, and I couldn’t be happier with the finished quilt.




What sort of things do you take into account when choosing thread and quilting patterns?



 Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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