Worn and weak…

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Which is not what I wanted to be saying straight after 2 weeks in Sunny Queensland. We got back last week and straight back into crazy normal life at home. No, the worn and weak is a reference to this … Continued

Quick update

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It seems like my last post regarding my avoidance of illness was a little too self-congratulatory. While all other members of the family have had a nasty virus, which I didn’t get, I decided to get pneumonia instead. After being … Continued

So it’s not tomorrow….

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And I wouldn’t believe any promises that I make around here, as I am obviously not back tomorrow with photos… Anyway, I don’t have photos of the fridge, yet, but I do have exciting news!! 2 of my favourite designers … Continued


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What I’m doing today…. Enjoying a day of rest. I had to work overtime last night and I am overloaded. Enjoying my wonderful husband who spoiled me this year for our twelfth wedding anniversary. He out did himself… although I … Continued

Life moves on….

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Although we wish that it wouldn’t our life has been moved on. I have had to work like crazy over the last few days, Mum has had some surgery that will change her life, and things just move on. I … Continued

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