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Finding things that you maybe didn’t even know you were looking for, in places that you didn’t expect. At a time, perhaps that you didn’t expect them. I’m very tired today. I have another cold – blame the very hot … Continued

Sniffle, cough

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Well, I’m still sick. But that’s beside the point. I’m in a major mojo slump too. But Tyson looks great in his new swimming gear. I am DETERMINED that this is the summer I get them both swimming properly. You … Continued


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I have nothing to say, but I just wanted to say it. Nothing. Worked until 5.30 tonight, which actually means that I didn’t leave until 10 to 6. Nothing wrong there. I just had to get up super early this … Continued


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Man, I forgot how good it feels to check the bank balance and find that you’ve been PAID! Becuase I started right at the start of the f/n roster, I had to work my butt off before-hand, but I got … Continued

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