Moody landscapes

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These are for Sharon… I was a good girl and finished all my photo editing today, finally… *phew*. I had been reading a magazine I borrowed off of the Twins dad, which said, in part, that ‘ordinary’ colour landscapes can be much punchier with a good b/w effect. And, as the actions that *skip* paid soooo much money for me to have HAVE such good b/w effects, I thought I’d try them. I shot these landscapes last May, soon after I got the camera. I was always disappointed with them.


I think I’m going to have to buy a bigger house, cos this one is about to seriously run out of wall….

IMG_0572 edited copy
IMG_0578 edited copy
IMG_0574 edited copyHappy Crafting - Cassie.

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5 Responses

  1. ksharonk

    Oh, I’m feeling soooooooooooooo special, lol! Seriously Cass, these are so beautiful, particularly the first one … do you have more tucked away somewhere that you can share? 😉

  2. Mary Fran

    Oooh these are awesome! I’m also loving your journaling on your fabulous layouts here too! Love the heart you put in there!

  3. cassi girl

    This photos are just gorgeous. I bet you will need more wall space.
    Hey I know…..donate those gorgeous autumn ones to me and then you have a free space for these new ones!!!
    What a great idea!!
    Sandi 🙂

  4. FernLili

    Wow! These look terrific!! They look very professional. I agree with the other ladies, I’d love to hang these on my wall, too!

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