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Thankyou so much for all the lovin’ you gave me since my last post, I feel a LOT better now. Amy even went above and beyond and commented on 2 more layouts that she’d “missed” before… {{hugs}} to you Amy.

So I decided if I was going to get out of this scrapping SLUMP where I just hated it like it was a nasty chore… I needed some fresh inspiration. The scraplift last night was great therapy, but I needed more, more, MORE! I had a look at a few sites and their challenges, but I settled on Simply You over at ScrapArtist. SA is one of the first digi sites that I really got involved in, and I still love it dearly. So I’ve jumped into Week 10, and will have to work my way backwards rather quickly to catch up lol…. Oh, and Sharon was great inspiration to give it a go too, thanks Sharon!

Week 10 asked the question : Have you ever wanted to change your name? If so, to what and why?

Thinking about this actually took me off on a different tangent all together….


Journalling reads:
After 4 kids, my parents
had naming down to a fine
art – if I was a boy, Dad
got to name me, a girl would
be Mum’s choice…

I used all papers and elements from Meredith Fenwick/Kim Christensen’s new Boy Collection CD…. and a shmootzy frame from ScrapArtist. Fonts used were Vaguely Repulsive and Stickons Two.

There are actually 2 more layouts that I want to do on this theme, as Mum had 2 names to choose from and also how and why I changed from Cassie to Cassandra for most of everything these days…. We’ll just see how I go though.

Meanwhile, I’m waiting for a local anasthetic in my arm to wear off…. and the pain to start. So I’m just gently (and mainly one handedly!) playing on the computer before it’s a reasonable time to toddle off to bed with some heavy-duty painkillers… We’ll see about tomorrow, I’m still considering cancelling it altogether!!Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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4 Responses

  1. cassi girl

    You really don’t look like a Colin so I am glad you got Cassandra!!!

    Love the layout and the different angle you took on it. Can’t wait to see the other 2 layouts…especially why you have changed to Cassandra.

    Ouch! I thought it would hurt. Good luck with the pain killers and I will think of you tomorrow. I might want to cancel it too….!

    Stay happy and well and catch you in 2 weeks.
    Sandi 🙂

  2. Megan

    Fantastic layout Cass – and I’m with Sandi…you don’t look like a Colin at all!

    Megan xx

  3. ksharonk

    He, he … I was supposed to be Michael, lol! (I was apparently going to be a boy!) I hadn’t thought about doing the name challenge this way … I am really struggling with this one! Have to think outside the box, I think! Hope your arm is better soon … 🙂

  4. FIG

    I think that Colin is a nice name.
    Perhaps you could have been given a made
    up name (which is all the fashion these
    days) like Collyn or Collynda.

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