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Woohoo for me!!


All papers, elements and Alpha from Ashley’s Fruits of the Spirit CD, Goodness, except the stitching which is from Patience. Fonts used are AL Surfboard, High Strung and Another Typewriter.Journalling reads:
Oh, Sammy, look at that smile… Your helpful, hopeful grin, that, as all good smiles should, goes all the way to your eyes. Day by day your face is changing, as you are growing up, however, the spirit of your smile will remain. It is your enduring quality, which makes even the hardest heart melt and smile in response. It’s a reaction I see so often in people around you, who respond to your warmth and that smile!!

Oh, I love the immediacy of digital scrapbooking – from a goodnight kiss to a photo, to a layout in less than an hour!! I just couldn’t resist his gorgeous face tonight as he came to kiss me goodnight. He’d wet-combed his hair at the front, and carefully brushed his teeth and he was just too cute for words!!

On another positive note – the magazine accepted my alternative offer, so one of my current favourite layouts got the nod!!

I need all these positive thoughts because Tyson’s temperature is 38.4, so he really IS sick. I think he’ll be home with me a couple more days… poor boy. Mum’s boring!!

Thanks everyone for all your +ve encouragement. Now I just have to get some girly TWINspiration going lol…Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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4 Responses

  1. AmyK

    I hope Tyson starts feeling better soon! I’m glad to see you scrapping. This page is so sweet. Your journaling is spot on – he does have the sweetest smile! 🙂

  2. cassi girl

    I agree with Amy this layout is so sweet. What a charmer he is and will be when he gets older! Who could resist that smile?

    I hope Tyson is feeling better today and that his temp is down. Nothing worse than sick babies hey! I swear by Panadol…lol..it is my lifeline when Brodie is sick.

    Great to see you back in action on here too.

    Sandi 🙂

  3. Peta

    Aww that is an awesome layout Hun!!! Hope he is feeling much better today!!

    And wahoo that the took the other one – that’s great!!! 🙂

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