What, another one?

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Yep, that’s right. Another layout.

I’m on a scrapping roll at the moment. Plenty of toys, and quite a bit of inspiration….


Layout created with Delight papers and elements from Studio Jomi at ScrapbookGraphics. Paperclip from her BeBlessed kit.Notepaper from Wings of Change by Suzy Nunes and Robin Carlton at SweetShoppeDesigns. Stamped Alpha by Michelle Coleman from ScrapArtist. Fonts used are Pea Jenny Script and Batik. Created in Cs2.

I guess I have to get a head start because I don’t think I’ll be getting much scrapping done tomorrow.

Thanks for your encouraging words from Tuesday everyone. It meant a lot to me that you took the time to say Hi and make me feel better 🙂

Yesterday at care Sam had no problems, and they are keeping still more of a careful eye on the situation. So we’re ok for now. And work yesterday wasn’t the total nightmare I was expecting it to be.

Now I’m off to do the weekly shopping, which is another story. Our local supermarket is undergoing an identity change, which is fine on its own, but the new identity has different SHELVES, layouts, aisles and brands, so as they are re-arranging it all, it makes shopping a bit challenging. Ok, a lot challenging. I will be SO glad when it’s over next month. Nuff said. I like my “normal”.

Gotta go!Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. cassi girl

    Oh Cassie I have missed a couple of your posts somehow….big {{{hugs}}} to you and I am glad to hear Sam is OK and that they are keeping an eye on it – so they should!!!
    Hope you are feeling better too.

    Don’t you love it when they remodel at supermarkets – why can’t they just leave well enough alone??? They are all run by MEN I think!!!! lol. Good luck finding everything.

    Sandi 🙂

  2. Tania

    Looks like I missed it too, sorry, I’m normally such a good blogger, just needed a few days off.

    Hope you’re doing well! I love that layout, and definitely see the resemblence.

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