Someone was listening!

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I went over to ScrapbookGraphics to do some more commenting and the first page was full of gorgeous layouts! With eye-candy like this, getting my comment total up is no hard thing! Meanwhile, do you like the new look? The marvellous Tania suggested that just MAYBE my template was the cause of the issues I was having with poor Sharon, and also Sandi, not being able to leave comments. So we have a change of scenery.

Isn’t that a marvellous photograph? I took it one very icy misty morning, just up the hill from where we live. I got soaked to the knees, as I usually do on those mornings out in the paddocks, but it was worth it. Just begging to be a blog header, that photograph was! I might even have something to show you later on if I get some time to myself. One day of work down, 5 to go. Whew. Today was hard because we are breaking in a new girl. You realise just how much you know, when you encounter someone who is back at the beginning again. All the things you now do automatically, in your sleep even, that when you started, you first thought you’d never get all this stuff. I’ve come a long way in 9 months.

Ok, enough rambling and back to some commenting!Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. Jack

    Can’t help but agree, Cassie, – the heading is a winner, and worth the damp legs. Keep it up!! MIG

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