I love photoshop!

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I really do. I usually can work anything out that I need to, and I just constantly find awesome new tricks and shortcuts.

I have been lamenting my lack of photo organisation lately. I back photos up every month or so, when I have a full DVD’s worth. At the moment I am shooting exclusively in Raw so that I can use Lightroom to it’s full potential, so DVD’s kinda fill up a lot faster. However, it has finally reached the point, after 5 years of digital photos, that I really can no longer remember which of my many folders (all organised chronologically) a particular image is in. Scanned photos are even worse, because they aren’t even IN chronological order.

Photoshop to the rescue!! I have decided to make contact sheets of every DVD I have created. Ok, so that sounds like a big task you might say… no, not with photoshop. How cool is this. I stick in the DVD I want to create the sheets for. I open photoshop, ask it to make Contact Sheets, point it at the DVD, and go make a coffee (or 3) while it gets to work.

All the contact sheets are saved as PSD’s…. so out comes my trusty Bridge, and I batch them all to JPG’s and I’m done.

Whew. With all that hard work, I think I need another coffee!

Before I forget, here’s a layout for the night. I started this, ie put 3 photos in frames on an empty sheet, had no inspiration and walked away…. back on the 23rd of January. This afternoon I finished it in less than an hour. How’s that for inspiration!

I mainly used the new Impressions of Romance from SBG for this one… and I’m so happy with how it turned out – considering I’m not a PINK person lol….

Ok, my batching is done for the night. Time for bed 🙂Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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