Oh Tula, I think I might SWOON!!

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It’s no secret that I’m a bit of a Tula Pink fan-girl. I don’t go completely giddy over her, but I do love her fabric designs. They have that incredible saturated colour that makes my heart happy, and the prints are always so ornate, with so many things to find and see tucked into each one of them.

Add to that my ongoing obsession with Swoon quilts, as I put on my Quilting Wishlist post HERE…. and it’s a perfect fabric/pattern match! Inspired by Sarah on Instagram, I decided  to make a dark grey background Tula Swoon, with three different prints featuring in each block…. one centre square, with two alternating star point prints.

Fabric pulling and matching has begun in earnest now, and I’m very close to making a start cutting into all this precious, carefully collected and curated colour!

Group one….


Edited-2659 Edited-2660 Edited-2661 Edited-2662 Edited-2663

Group two….

Edited-2665 Edited-2666 Edited-2667 Edited-2668 Edited-2669 Edited-2670 Edited-2671

Die hard Tula Pink fans will recognise that many of these three fabric combinations pull from different collections. DS2 and I made a conscious effort to ensure that we highlighted how versatile the ranges can be, that many colours can be found all over her fabric history and all will look incredible when paired together. Another important consideration when planning a swoon quilt, or any patchwork for that matter, is making sure that there is enough contrast between the prints. Both in colour – ie not 3 mid-blue prints together, but also in hue or tone. The easiest way to check for contrast is to take a photo of your layout, convert it to black and white, and see that there are no tones blending in to each other.


Each group of there here has adequate contrast between the prints – they are unlikely to visually “blend” into each other.

The background fabric I have chosen is Kona Coal. It is dark enough to really make the vibrant prints pop without being so dark that it will overpower the quilt.

All that remains is to source some final prints, as ideally I need 16 feature prints for the quilt and currently only have 12. Then the fun of cutting and piecing begins! There is also a #swoonalong2015 tag on Instagram I need some further inspiration or encouragement.

What major quilting project is on your wish list? What are you doing to make it happen in 2015?

Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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