July quilting book review – In Angela’s studio!

This month we have a beautiful book to share from the quilting goddess herself, Angela Walters.

In the Studio with Angela Walters gives you an inside peek into her quilting process – auditioning designs, choosing thread, and how to make the finished project sing.


Book Review - In the Studio with Angela Walters


It includes 10 original projects which Angela designed and made, which she then goes through ideas for how to quilt.


Book Review - In the Studio with Angela Walters


The chapters are set out with focus on design principles – using quilting to add texture, contrast, motion, colour etc…. because quilting does so much more than simply hold your fabric together.


Book Review - In the Studio with Angela Walters


Here in the chapter on colour, Angela shows all the different ideas she had whilst preparing to quilt this project, and explains why you would choose certain threads for different effects – it’s not just cotton these days!


Book Review - In the Studio with Angela Walters Book Review - In the Studio with Angela Walters


In this gorgeous quilt called “Moonrise” you can see the effect of the quilting – the ripples in the ocean and the impression of wind in the sky behind the moon. It would be a beautiful quilt anyway, but these details add a depth and layer to the project that gives it a wow factor.

If you struggle with design ideas, if you want to take your quilting to the next level, then you need In the Studio with Angela Walters in your library. It will show you what you can achieve with your quilting, beyond simply connecting your quilt. Hopefully it will help you to find you authentic voice when quilting, and take your sewing to the next level.


What challenges you most with free motion quilting?



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