Another Tula Pink Squirrel Hoop

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After last week showing you the Geometric Kitty I made for Melissa, I promised to share the other parts of her parcel. The star of the extras, of course, was Tula Pink. I recreated the squirrel embroidery I did for the Tula Pink mini swap, this time with a beautiful blue variegated Perle thread.



Tula Pink Blue Squirrel Embroidery Hoop Art by Cassandra Madge


The eye needed some special treatment, so I added a little peacock metallic bead. It looks black in the photographs, but when the light catches it there’s a beautiful shine.


Tula Pink Blue Squirrel Embroidery Hoop Art by Cassandra Madge


Because of the size of the hoop I needed to join two pieces of stiffened felt for the backing. What better place to add a little bit of hidden Tula Pink love?


Tula Pink Blue Squirrel Embroidery Hoop Art by Cassandra Madge


Of course, that leads straight into one of the other extras I included, a Tula Pink Birds & the Bees Ribbon key fob.


Tula Pink Birds & the Bees Ribbon key fob by Cassandra Madge


Last, but certainly not least, a group of Melissa’s friends came up with the idea of sending her a flower garden of hexagons from all over the world. She is putting it together and calling it her Quilt of Courage. The brief was blue petals with a bright solid centre – 1 1/2″ size. Here are my contributions.


Blue Hexagon flowers


My favourites would have to be the Lizzie House hedgehogs marching around the flower!

Of course there were other things included in the parcel, the requisite chocolates, card and so forth. All wrapped up in tissue paper and with some beautiful decorations.


Melissa Parcel wrapped


I read a Time magazine article recently that showed one of the proven ways to be happy is to give to other people. This was well known hundreds of years ago after all, it’s written in the Bible! I am proof that this is true. I get so much joy from making these beautiful gifts, wrapping them with love and sending them on their way.


Do you get joy from giving? What’s your favourite thing to give away?


 Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. Melissa (minniecat)

    Cassie, I can’t say how much I loved your gift! It was spectacular! Everything was packed and made with so much love and kindness that little Tula Pink hearts fluttered out when I opened it! Let alone what it did to my heart!!! :-P. I still have one more flower of yours to showcase on my IG but I was saving it for Monday morning because what a great way to start the week! I’ll be working away on a little package for you but it will take me a thousand years before I’m able to be as creative as you. 😉

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